Whether you have the Best. Friend. Ever. and want to let them know, or just want to send love to family, this snack tower has it all and is sure to put a smile on their faces! Their gift will be packed with a box of assorted chocolate and truffles, and classic snacks like cookies, jelly beans, red licorice, chocolate covered pretzels, almonds, snack mix. Topped with a taffy gift box, this tower is bursting with delicious fun!


Tower can also be sent with “You’re the best. Ever.” hangtag instead.

Best. Friend. Ever. Sending Smiles Snack Tower

Hang Tag Options:
    • One 37-pc Assorted Master Collection Truffle Gift Box
    • 2.25oz Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • 4oz Jelly Beans in Assorted Flavors
    • 3.6oz Licorice
    • 3oz Peanut Butter M&M's
    • 4oz Roasted Almonds
    • 3oz Chocolate Covered Pretzels
    • 2.25oz Summer Harvest Snack
    • 4oz Salt Water Taffy